UK Immigration Changes Fail to Halt Growth in African and EU Students Looking to Study at UK Universities

UK NARIC, the National Agency responsible for providing information and advice on vocational, academic and professional skills and qualifications from over 180 countries worldwide, has recently released figures suggesting an increase in individual assessment enquiries for countries in Africa, the Middle East, and especially Europe.

This fits in with the recent revelation that increasing numbers of Nigerian students are coming to the UK to study. Just last week, Mr Iain Stewart UK MP, said that 30,000 Nigerian students would be studying in various universities across the United Kingdom by 2015. This represents nearly 7% of the total UK University student population. A not insignificant number.

The international student market in the UK is worth nearly 10 billion pounds, and UK universities are having to up their game and place more importance on this lucrative sector.

NARIC’s figures actually show a small overall reduction in the number of individuals using the service, “to be expected with the immigration changes” says Tim Butress, Deputy Director of Policy and Communication. But on the other hand, with enquiries about individual assessments steadily rising from the EU and Africa, as well as the Middle East, it looks as though the demographics of international study to the UK are changing.

UK Universities would do well to consider these figures and tailor their marketing accordingly.

Felicity West

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